Wwoof, wwoof, bleat. Reflections, lessons learnt and adventures afoot………………………….

Travels and travails of my dear friend Lou, aka Natural Nana.


So before I carry on, I thought I’d give you a vaguely relevant track to listen to whilst you read…

So here you go, it’s beautiful….


So after a longer than intended stay in the UK, (I passed my TEFL, yee haw, hee haw). I’m heading back to Portugal on Thursday to live with goats, well I will be in a caravan, the goats will be outside, I hope. My dad’s mate, Gordon the Welder, used to have a guard goat that lived in a caravan, I’m hoping it’s just me in the caravan, and maybe a hairy hippy man, that would be acceptable.  

I am pretty much shit scared of all animals, so this is going to be a real challenge for me, as well as goats, they have dogs, probably my most feared of all animals, (in a realistic way, I’d shit it if I saw…

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